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Carpet Care

Stain guide for synthetic carpets

Here’s our easy reference guide about what to use for specific spills and stains on solution-dyed nylon carpets. Simply cross reference the type of treatment options below with the specific stain in the table.

Cleaning Solutions

  1. Dry cleaning fluid
  2. Nail polish remover
  3. Detergent mix – two tsps. mild liquid detergent mixed with two cups water.
  4. Lukewarm tap water
  5. Vinegar solution – one cup vinegar to two cups water.
  6. Ammonia solution – two tbsps. household ammonia to one cup water.
  7. Cavalier Bremworth Dry Stain Remover
  8. Professional clean advised
Acne medication  1,3,6,5,4,8
Alcoholic beverages  3,6,5,4,7,8
Bleach  3,4,8
Blood  6,3,4 (cold), 7, 8
Candle wax  2,1,8
Charcoal  9,3,7,8
Chewing gum (freeze with ice, then chip away)  1,8
Chocolate  3,5,4,7,8
Coffee/tea with milk/sugar  3,5,4,7,8
Cosmetics  2,1,3,6,5,4,7,8
Crayon  1,3,8
Food  3,6,4,8
Fruit juice  3,6,5,4,7,8
Furniture polish (water based)  3,4,1,6,7,8
Furniture polish (solvent based)  2,1,3,6,5,4,7,8
Grass  2,1,3,6,5,4,7,8
Grease  1,3,4,8
Ink  2,1,3,6,5,4,7,8
Lipstick  2,1,3,6,5,4,7,8
Milk  1,3,6,5,4,8
Mud  3,4,8
Mustard  3,5,4,7,8
Nail polish  2
Oil  1,3,7,8
Paint  3,6,4,7,8
Plant food  3,6,5,4,7,8
Rust  5,3,4,7,8
Shoe polish  2,1,3,6,4,7,8
Soft drinks  3,6,5,4,7,8
Tar  1,7,8
Toothpaste  3,5,6,4,8
Urine – wet  3,6,5,4,8
Urine – dry  3,4,5,6,8
Vomit  3,6,5,7,8
Wine  4,3,5,7

Note: some spills contain chemicals that may discolour or even damage the carpet fibre or dyes. If you have doubts about what caused the stain, and how to remove it, please contact a professional carpet cleaner. While this advice is offered in good faith, no responsibility is accepted for claims arising from the recommended treatments.

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